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Like many of the people he surrounded himself with, Tony Evjenth dedicated the better part of his life to skateboarding. As a career team manager, he was, in the purest sense, the man behind the men. During his professional tenure, Tony looked after the careers of some of skateboarding’s most celebrated names—skaters like Marc Johnson, Eric Koston, Daewon Song, Rick McCrank, Brandon Biebel, Rodrigo TX, Torey Pudwill, Jeron Wilson and Justin Eldridge. He also developed and nurtured the talents of up-and-comers including Mike Anderson, Marty Murawski and the late, great, Van Wastell—who’s tragic death in 2008 affected Tony tremendously.

For anyone who’s ever piloted an Econoline across the US, hunted for spots in sketchy neighborhoods at night, coordinated last minute plane ticket changes or endured weeks of demo tours through Europe, you’ll know that being a team manager isn’t always easy. It’s not an occupation for the callow or faint of heart. It’s a gig reserved for those who know, understand and respect skateboarding in a way that only a life time of experience can bring.

Tony handled his job like he handled life—with immortal style and grace. But Tony was much more than just a first class talent manager.

As a man, Tony was a stand alone. He was a dreamer, an artist, a designer, a music maker, a humorist and an entrepreneur—founding his own art and skate-inspired apparel brand, WLLM, in 2010. For those who knew him, he’s remembered as a one-of-a-kind personality—carefree, lovable and unusually funny. Most of all, though, Tony was honest, genuine and true—never two faced, never a shit talker, never-too-cool for school and never too busy for conversation. With Tony, you always knew what you were getting. His consistent, positive energy was magnetic and extremely comforting to be around.

Tony left his family, his friends and the skateboarding community he loved so much way too early. He will be deeply missed by all those who knew him and remembered as a gentleman, a loyal friend and a meaningful contributor to one of the most dynamic decades of professional skateboarding. - Cullen Poythress

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Tony’s Book

Friends and family of Tony E,
I am going to be compiling photos, statements, artwork and stories about Tony Evjenth for a book. The purpose of the book will be so when his son Maverick grows up he will know what a truly legendary person his father was and how many people were touched by him. My brother Jeff Henderson said it best this morning that anyone that Tony ever came into contact with left feeling like they were his family. He is one of a kind and We (my brother, myself and my wife Alyssa) want his son to know this as well. If anyone would be like to contribute anything to this book please do. The email address to send anything and everything is

You can also mail it to me and I can scan anything and send it back if needed:

Brian Henderson
1051 14th street
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

The main purpose of course is to make this book for his son but I know that many of you would probably also like a copy. I figured anyone that wants one should be able to buy one but I thought I could make the price of the book a little more than the actual cost to print it and all the money above printing costs will go to Laura and baby Maverick. The cost will be figured out when I know how much content we have and what it will cost to make them. Feel free to ask me any questions and please submit. - Brian

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